About us

4th Generation Magazine started its activity since October 2015 in the field of ICT in order to fulfill the media demands of many private and government companies in Iran, Middle East & other countries who are thinking traditionally yet and are not willing to work with online media. 

4th Generation Magazine was born to be a supplement of Communication & Information Technology News Agency “CITNA” in the field of ICT media, in order to be more influential in the public.

After almost 10 years of working online with “CITNA”, we realized that still the traditional thinking about media can be seen among some private & government companies. Therefore, we decided to publish the 4th Generation magazine.

Although, we started this activity in 4th quarter 2015, we could influence the “ICT media market” positively in short amount of time and have attracted many readers and followers. 

4th Generation target is to look after the existing gaps, problems and issues in the ICT market, therefore we discuss with regulators, technicians, professors, private & government managers in the field and looking for the best compatible applied solutions in other countries to fulfill the gaps and provide the best suggestions to the executives.

Moreover, we try to introduce the new technologies, service, products & services in the field of ICT from all around the world.

This magazine is distributing in following main organizations:

  1. ICT Department of President Office
  2. Ministry of ICT of Iran
  3. Parliament of Iran
  4. Telecommunication Infrastructure Company of Iran
  5. Communications Regulatory Authority of Iran
  6. Information Technology Organization of Iran
  7. Iran Post Company
  8. Iran Technology Research Company
  9. Iranian Space Research Center
  10. Telecommunication Company of Iran (in Tehran and other provinces)
  11. Operators
  12. Private & Government Banks
  13. ICT Faculty of some Universities
  14. Private Companies like Samsung, LG & ...
  15. Mobile, Tablet, Notebook, Software, Hardware companies

And also some will be available for sale to the public and also its PDF will be available in the magazine website: www.4Gnews.ir

Moreover, 4th Generation magazine as a media consultant has an experienced team that assist many private and government companies; by preparing the media contents for them by providing below services:

  1. Introducing their Brands 
  2. Introducing their offers, products & services to the public
  3. Giving them a chance to be seen via their advertisement in our magazine and its website.
  4. Organizing press conference for new comers in Iran market and inviting the most important press (News agencies, newspapers, magazines and popular websites) in the planned events.
  5. Covering the related news of all related exhibitions in Iran & abroad.
  6. Preparing the product reviews by testing the provided products from the companies.
  7. Consulting & helping the interested foreign companies for entering in the best way to Iran Market. 
  8. Reflecting the prepared contents in other important media

Also we are always welcoming the newcomers and those who are interested to enter to Iran Market.

We have to note that 4th Generation Magazine accompanying “CITNA” have become a powerful organization in the field of ICT media source in IRAN.

If you are willing to be known in IRAN market, you are just one step away. Reach us for any information, enquires and questions on the following:


Mobile: +989128216658

Email: Info [at] 4Gnews.ir, ERSHADIFAR [at] 4Gnews.ir

Being up to date is our responsibility.


Editor in Chief

Mona Ershadifar